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TodoCat - Checklists, teamwork and cats

TodoCat was built to be a complement to larger issue trackers like Jira by Atlassian. We found that some projects and issue types were far too simple for our current workflow, so we tried to figure out what kind of service we would like to use for those kind of tasks.

I remember using Ta-da List a few years ago, before it got retired, and wanted to create something as simple. However, I knew there had to be ways to improve the basic checklist to make it better for teamwork. So what I did was replacing the usual checkbox to-do lists usually have, and created a switch that shows not only who’s working on a task, but also the current progress of it.

This is what a task looks like

The switch is split into four different states, inspired by common agile task boards: To Do, In Progress, Awaiting Response and Done. By changing the status of a task, you’ll also automatically assign it to yourself – unless its previous status was Awaiting Response and you’re moving it to Done, so project managers can close tasks and still see who was working on it before.

The service is free to use, so feel free to take a look and try it out at Why cats? Why not?