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Frequently Asked Questions








I've lost my license code!

Send me an e-mail and I'll see if I or my licensing-provider can help you restore it.


Help! I've hidden both the Dock icon and the menu icon, how do I fix this?

Open Hypernap from Finder, this will focus the application and open the main window again. From here you can press Cmd+, to open Preferences.

Why is my body data sent as a querystring?

One common reason is that the HTTP method is set to GET, which does not support body data. Hypernap will automatically turn this into a querystring instead. If you want to send body data, be sure to change method to for example POST.

Why are there headers even when I did not specify any?

HTTP-requests are sent with an OS X module called CFNetwork, which automatically adds some headers if they are undefined. You can of course override these if you want to.

We also add some headers automatically when you have body data to send, because calculating Content-Length is a bit meh to do manually.

Can I post files with Hypernap?

Not in the current version, but Hypernap 2 will support this.


Can Bother save or export data to [app]?

No, Bother was built to only collect your work and save this to your calendar. You can try exporting it from Calendar instead.

Can I set Bother to only ask for reports between specified hours?

Not right now, but I'll look into adding this in a future update.


Can the app be moved to where the clock usually is?

FuzzyTime doesn't support this out of the box, as that would require using some private API:s that Apple wouldn't allow on the App Store.

We recommend using an app called Bartender which lets you move around all status items freely, as well as hiding the ones you don't need.

My language is missing, can I help translating it?

Yes you can! Take a look at this article about how translating FuzzyTime works. You can then send your translation to me and I'll include it in a future update.


Is APM a valid measurement of skill in gaming?

Yes and no. Having high APM certainly doesn’t make you the best gamer ever. However, training your APM can train your micromanagement abilities and might improve your reaction skill.

What does 'score' mean on my shared session?

The score is a number made by analyzing your session data. It was made for fun, so don’t take it too seriously! To make it even more fun, I’m keeping the formula a secret.

There is no “maximum” score, it simply gets higher the “better” your APM is. Note that the formula might change in the future as well.

How do I get better APM?

I don’t consider myself a pro so I’m probably not the right person to give advice on this. I’d suggest looking it up in your favorite search engine.


I can't find Mousai after starting it

This is a bug that appeared in OS X Yosemite and newer that has been fixed in the latest update. You will have to download this update from the website though.

Can you add brightness controls?

Brightness controls will be added in Mousai 2.