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Super Zen, theme for text editors

A while back I made a theme for my favorite editor at the time, Espresso by MacRabbit. Pink is an on-going theme at the office, and since I couldn’t find any good pink themes I decided to roll my own.

I have a new favorite editor now though: Sublime Text. It’s an editor that has everything I loved in TextMate and a bit more, plus it’s a bit faster at loading big files than other editors I’ve used. Sublime Text uses the same theme-files as TextMate, so it should work on TextMate as well. I haven’t tried it though.

It was mainly built to work with JavaScript and JSON, as those are the formats I work with the most. But of course it works with other languages as well, like HTML and CSS. Feel free to modify the theme if you feel it’s missing something.


For Sublime Text-users: I’ve also included a light version of my theme, kinda like the one on this blog. I find it useful when doing code reviews, it just feels a bit easier to read on big screens. Try it if you want!

You’ll find the theme on GitHub.


Gabriel Garrido: I really like the Super Zen theme, I just have one question. How do I install it? Do I use package control? Thanks!

Marcus: Download the theme from GitHub, then drag the thTheme-files to the User-directory in your Sublime Text Packages directory. The directory should look something like this:

Cerise: I’m in love theme! Thank you for making it. Just a quick question, what font did you use for you example?

Marcus: The font I’m using is Inconsolata