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Best CMS Ever

At work, during a swedish fika, we were discussing different content management systems and what they were good for. One of my coworkers jokingly said – because that’s probably what most CMS-creators says – “let’s make our own CMS, the best CMS!”

About 10 seconds later I decided to create a new joke-website: The site contains a product page that looks very much like a real one, but when you start reading you (should) notice that something is a bit off. If you finally decide to download the CMS or check out it’s source on GitHub, you’ll notice that it’s just an HTML-file with a comment in it. The idea is that this CMS is so customizable that you build everything from scratch.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!


Marty: Definitely something I am going to recommend to the rest of my team at the office on Monday - ANYTHING to get me away from having to use Wordpress for the 50th time ;)

Fikri Rasyid: I found out the link this morning through and I have to say that this is hilarious. I shared it to potluck right away :)) Kudos for the best CMS ever!