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This post is way overdue, but better late than never right? A while ago I released my first app ever on the Mac App Store, which also happens to be the first app I publish that’s not work-related in any way. The app is called APM, and its purpose in life is to monitor how fast you are at typing, or how many actions you can perform per minute.

It might sound pretty unnecessary, but this information is often used in gaming to analyze how well you can do multitasking and react in different situations. For example, in StarCraft II, it’s very common to train your APM to be high even when you don’t actually need it, so you’re already warmed up when the enemy attacks.

APM will also show you a graph of your APM the last hours. The app also comes with a website where you can share your APM and see even more details that you normally can’t see in the app. For example, here’s a graph I made while I wrote this blog post. The website will also generate a score on how efficient your APM is. The formula is secret, but in general it’s good to avoid drops as much as possible.

You can buy check out the website here, or get the app over here.